Friday, July 19, 2019

Spiders, Halloween, and the Holiday Catalog, Oh My!

I saw a spider give birth today!  

Let me back up.  When we returned from vacation, I left our cooler out to dry.  Several days later, I picked it up to clean it and saw inside our cooler hundreds of teeny, tiny little creatures scurrying around a rather large and intricate web.  I peered closer and realized they were newborn spiders!  Hundreds of them!  And a little to the left, on the other side of the cooler, was Mama Spider hiding under a leftover water bottle.  She was big.  Big.  BIG.  Since my Mama Human had taught me to never kill a spider, and I did not have the heart to kill hundreds of her precious babies, I left the cooler alone.  It was clear she had given birth just hours before I found her - the poor thing was exhausted, as any postpartum mom would be, especially one that had just delivered hundreds of tiny offspring.  And now I and my family have the privilege of watching how a spider raises her brood.  Incredible!

It's possible you don't share our fascination with Mama Spider and her babies.  Maybe you prefer your spiders and webs on paper and stamps.  On July 23, us Stampin' Up! demonstrators get to see the online Holiday Catalog and on August 1, we get to order from it.  I will soon have REAL PAPER spiders and webs and all things Halloween in my craft area (notice I said "area" and not "room"...someday I will show you just how small of a space I craft in).  Customers join the fun September 1.  You don't have to wait, though.    

$155 of Stampin' Up! product, free shipping, $10 bonus coupon, become a Joyful Stamper, all for $99.

You can have spiders and webs and Halloween (and Christmas and fall and Thanksgiving) on July 23, too.  AND you can have $155 of product with free shipping for just $99.  Plus a $10 coupon to use on your Holiday catalog pre-order in August.  Plus you can be a Joyful Stamper - and who doesn't want to be both joyful and a stamper?  They are the best kind of people!  Sign up here, read more here, or contact me here.  

It would be an honor to meet you and to have you on my team!  Please consider it!

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