Friday, August 16, 2019

What To Do With The Cards You Make

Either we make more cards than we are sending or we are letting them languish, unloved and unappreciated, in a plastic tote.  For the casual and avid cardmaker, sometimes this is an issue.  We can't have that!  There's too much creative hard work in those cards for them to remain hidden.  There's also a world of people who are worth celebrating, who are having babies and getting married, who need encouragement, who are ill or recovering from surgery, or who need to know someone loves them.

Now, I don't personally know ALL those people but I know people who do know of others experiencing those life seasons.  So, I share my cards with them.  

My mom volunteers at a local assisted living center and the residents love to send cards, but they can't get to a store to purchase any.  I donate many cards there for those residents to use.  The center also has a gift shop and some of the donated cards are sold there to visitors.  The center uses the money for programs for the residents.  I love that!  

Splitcoaststampers also has a special forum called Cards For A Cause.  Each month a request is posted for a variety of cards to different organizations.  The post explains which organization is requesting, what kinds of cards to donate, and where to send them.  This makes so many so happy!

For fun, I made a video gallery of the cards I am donating.  I just discovered this video making program on my Surface Pro and decided to try it out!  The video gallery is under 2 minutes long and you can click in the bottom right of it to make it full screen for closer viewing.  It was SO fun putting this together!  

Let me feel the love if you enjoyed that!  Comment below and tell me what kinds of cards/projects you'd like to see on this blog.  I so appreciate you!


  1. Like to make some of those cards when we meet each month, especially the one taken from your bathroom flowers for your card.

    1. Yes, feel free to CASE any of the cards and projects I share! I'm so glad you like them and thank you for commenting.


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